Public School Board meetings of the Silver Valley Unified School District Board of Trustees are scheduled once a month, usually the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Meetings are held in the Board Room of the District Office Administration building, 35320 Daggett-Yermo Road in Yermo, CA. Please refer to our Board Calendar for specific dates each month. All public meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. and are open to the public.

Individuals wishing to address the Board may do so by completing a "Speaker Request Form" and submitting the form to the recording secretary prior to the beginning of the meeting. Individual speakers, after being recognized, shall be allowed three minutes to address the Board on each agenda or non-agenda item. The Board shall limit the total time for public input to 20 minutes. With Board consent, the Board President may increase or decrease the time allowed for public presentation, depending on the topic and the number of persons wishing to be heard. The President may take a poll of speakers for or against a particular issue and may ask that additional persons speak only if they have something more to add. At the conclusion of the Public Comment section, the Board will only take comments from the public on each individual item at the discretion of the Board President. The Board President is in charge of the meeting and will maintain order and will have the prerogative to remove any person who is disruptive of the Board meeting.

Board Meetings are for the purpose of conducting Board of Trustee business. It defines the policies, which are carried out by the school staff. Comments from the staff and public are for information to the Board Members, therefore, there will be no debate with the public, nor debate between the public and staff, nor between individuals in the public. However, the Board, or individual Board Members can solicit information from either the public or staff.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), if you need special assistance, disability-related modifications or accommodations, including auxiliary aids or services, in order to participate in the public meetings of the District's Governing Board, please contact the office of the Superintendent at (760) 254-2916. Notification 72 hours prior to the meeting will enable the District to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accommodation and accessibility to this meeting. Upon request, the District shall also make available this agenda and all other public records associated with this meeting in appropriate alternative formats for persons with a disability.

To view agendas, click on the meeting date in the calendar on the right or click "Agenda List" and select the meeting date (under the correct fiscal year). To view an agenda item, click on the agenda and the item will open. If there is an attachment within that agenda item, click on the icon next to "file attachment" and the agenda item attachment will open on your screen.

You also have the option of viewing Board Meeting minutes, Board Policies and Regulations, and the SVUSD Strategic Plan, which are listed under the Reference Library.