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Meeting Date: 11/14/2023 - 5:30 PM
Category: Public Comments
Type: Info
Subject: 4.3 Public Comments on Agendized or Non-Agendized Items
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Summary: Public comment may be on (1) an agenda item before or during the Board’s consideration of the item, and (2) on any matter not on the agenda that is within the jurisdiction of the Board. Unless the Board President or a majority of the Board determines that a different time limit is appropriate, a person is limited to three minutes total on each discussion item, and is limited to a total of 20 minutes on all agenda items. During public comments the Board listens to concerns/issues. The Board may ask questions for purposes of clarification. The law prohibits the Board from taking action on items not on the agenda.
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Martha Bootsma - Administrative Assistant
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Jesse M. Najera - Superintendent