Strategic Plan

Name Description
Student Achievement Priority All students will achieve proficiency or better in ELA and Mathematics while receiving appropriate academic supports and a well-balanced course of study, including Career Technical Education
Student Achievement Goal 1 Provide side-by-side professional learning for certificated staff through teacher coaching and modeling
Student Achievement Goal 2 Expand implementation of Response to Intervention (RtI) to encourage and support learning based on identified student needs
Student Achievement Goal 3 Implement Common Core State Standards and assessments to enable students to develop 21st Century skills
Student Achievement Goal 4 Implement site plans through data analysis, plan revisions and school community involvement to increase student achievement
Technology Priority Increase the quantity and quality of technology usage to support student learning, instructional effectiveness, monitoring of student progress, and communicating with stakeholders
Technology Goal 1 Continue to implement District Tech Plan through 2019-20
Technology Goal 2 Increase staff expertise in using technology to develop 21st Century learning skills
Technology Goal 3 Effectively use technology to promote data driven decisions, communicate stakeholders and foster collaboration
Technology Goal 4 Provide instructional technology support to fully implement district instructional programs
Student/Parent Support Priority Increase staff and families' ability to support student academic, social/emotional and physical needs
Student/Parent Support Goal 1 Continue implementation of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and develop tier 2 and 3 interventions based on student needs
Student/Parent Support Goal 2 Develop and implement parent leadership classes to support student success
Student/Parent Support Goal 3 Implement site and district safety plans to ensure a safe and supportive work environment for all
Student/Parent Support Goal 4 Continue to implement all facilities and maintenance projects detailed in the 2014-17 Facilities Plan
District Stability Priority Recruit and retain excellent staff by providing individual support, leadership opportunities and a culture of excellence
District Stability Goal 1 Build individual leadership skills of teachers, administrators and parents for fostering positive relationships, effective communication and creating a culture of recognition and excellence
District Stability Goal 2 Apply a process and use visual tools to illustrate the relationships between expenditures for specialized initiatives and their impact on student achievement
District Stability Goal 3 Develop and implement an active marketing plan for the district, including an informative, user-friendly district website
District Stability Goal 4 Leaders will consistently seek to support, encourage and recognize excellence