Strategic Plan

Name Description
Student Achievement Priority Develop and enhance quality instructional programs to enable students to meet their personal, academic and career goals.
Student Achievement Goal 1 1.1 Provide side-by-side professional learning from staff through coaching and modeling.
Student Achievement Goal 2 1.2 Identify essential standards and use common assessments along with a system of progress monitoring to promote student achievement.
Student Achievement Goal 3 1.3 Provide a high quality CTE program through career pathways that offer rigorous, relevant, and work-based learning curriculum.
Technology Priority Increase the quality of technology to support student learning, instructional effectiveness, monitoring of student progress, and communicating with our educational stakeholders.
Technology Goal 1 2.1 Ensure digital access at home for all students.
Technology Goal 2 2.2 Effectively use technology to promote data-driven decisions, communicate with educational partners, and foster collaboration.
Technology Goal 3 2.3 Provide technology support for students, staff, and families to enhance academic achievement.
Student/Parent Support Priority Increase staff and families’ ability to support student academic, social emotional, and physical needs.
Student/Parent Support Goal 1 3.1 Implement a tiered system of interventions and supports based on a student’s academic and social emotional needs.
Student/Parent Support Goal 2 3.2 Provide families with opportunities and timely resources to support student success.
Student/Parent Support Goal 3 3.3 Monitor district and site strategic plans through data analysis and community feedback to support student success.
District Stability Priority Foster an educational environment of excellence by building internal leadership capacity, maintaining safe facilities, and striving to provide relevant technology and resources.
District Stability Goal 1 4.1 Build individual leadership skills of all staff by fostering positive relationships, effective communication, and creating a culture of recognition and excellence.
District Stability Goal 2 4.2 Make the necessary investments to maintain our facilities to maximize student learning.
District Stability Goal 3 4.3 Actively promote the unique, high quality programs and opportunities available to all students and staff.